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We came back 6086 days ago.

Our last access to this website was 5 years 14 weeks ago.


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Online at last!

After 3 months of “relentless” work, the website is finally online! It was about time, since our departure is in less than 48 hours. We hope this website will live up to your expectations (and you are quite a few expecting for it ;)).

See you later, when we start our adventure!

Content language

The content of this website is mainly in French. It is unfortunately a too big work for us to translate our articles. If you understand French, please visit the French section. If not, you can try to understand the (rather fuzzy) Google translation of it :).

By the way, if you are a good translator and have way too much free time, feel free to propose to translate our articles :).

We found a translator!

A week after coming back from our trip, we received an e-mail from Cristina Lumezeanu, a student of foreign languages. She asked us if she could translate our stories from French to English.

This is very kind from her. We would never have hoped for it. Of course, we accepted :). So, from now on, you will be able to discover our adventures one by one in English. Happy reading and big thanks to Cristina!

D Day

Just a few more hours before we fly away to India. And here we are, ready to go. Butterflies in the stomach, afraid that we might have forgotten something, sad to be leaving our loved ones, happy to start this amazing adventure, all this in the same time…

Our flight to London leaves at 13:50. From there, we head for Delhi, India.

Here we go!

Arrival in Delhi

And here we are in Delhi! The trip went well. We set foot in another world…

First walk

Mustering all of our courage, we walked through the door of the hostel…

Dave & Jessica

After sleeping a little, we go back to the hostel’s internet café, and there we run into Dan the American and the two Canadians, Dave and Jessica.


This morning we decide to go visit the old Red Fort, situated in Old Delhi. We leave the hostel and dare to film outside for the first time.

Red Fort

No, it’s not about Robert, but Lal Qila (the Indian name), the fort built by Shah Jahan.