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We found a translator!

A week after coming back from our trip, we received an e-mail from Cristina Lumezeanu, a student of foreign languages. She asked us if she could translate our stories from French to English.

This is very kind from her. We would never have hoped for it. Of course, we accepted :). So, from now on, you will be able to discover our adventures one by one in English. Happy reading and big thanks to Cristina!

English version??

Hello! When is the English language version coming? I want to hear of your adventures in South America. By the way, Erin and I purchased a house in Ocean Grove, Victoria. 3226(for Google Earth)Next time you come to Australia, we can go for a surf?!

English version… coming little by little

Hi! It’s nice to hear from you! Well, the English version is coming… little by little. It’s not always easy to take some time to put the stories online. Cristina translates them from French, then, for each one, we have to compare the two versions to be sure they tell the same thing, and finally publish them. Cristina is fast, we are the bottleneck, sorry ;). For 4 months we didn’t put any story online (it’s crazy how time is going fast!), but now we are continuing and new stories are coming. Of course, in English, we are still in India, so for South America, we’re afraid you will have to wait quite some time… or read the Google translation, which is not perfect English ;), but enough understandable to know what we’ve been through. Of course, you can also take French classes ;).

Great you found a house! Next time we come, we will pick summer and of course we will go surfing with you! (If we manage to stand on the board, but that’s another part of the story.)


Maïte & Hugues